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For Non-emergencies, please: contact my office:

 Ph. 512-506-9062


Fax 512-551-4460


Please Note: I can rarely answer calls directly as I am predominantly in session.  Most non-emergent communication is done through returned calls or email.  Leaving a non-emergent message means I will usually get back to you within one business day.


If you must speak to someone immediately, so may reach:


The Hotline to Help: 472-4357 


BBTCMHMR Crisis Hotline: 800-841-1255


If this is a life threatening emergency go the nearest police or emergency room or dial 911

If you are needing only a short answer or exchange of information, email may be our best bet. It takes only moments in between sessions to respond to email while calling takes much larger devoted blocks of time. Please be aware that email is subject the inherent risks of exposure on the internet, so please do not include any material of an extreme and sensitive nature.

Email me now:

Keep in mind however that I do not typically check voice mail or email over the weekend as I reserve this time to work on my family, marriage, and self.

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