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Services Overview


Serving only those I serve best....


As a licensed therapist I can serve any population. 

                           Like most however, there are some that I serve best. 


I specialize in:

  • teenagers (12+)*
  • adults
  • couples
  • non-traditional
  • gay and lesbian
  • counter culture (emo, goth, gang, gamer, burner, justice system) 



   *adolescents must be highly verbal, able to think conceptually and have the ego strength (sense of self) to handle direct confrontation. If the child is not yet appropriate, I may work with the parent on applicable parenting skills.


  • Initial intake session may be 60+ min with intake materials completed prior to session.
  • Follow up sessions are typically 50min. and can be planned for longer if necessary.
    • Session are scheduled on the hour and endeavor to start and end on time.
    • Begining and ending on time serves to keep the session on track and to help the client be prepared when the session begins, and to be the best steward of thier time.
    • Homework is sometimes given to facilitate the process. It is not forced, nor compelled and will not be graded nor a point of negative judgment if not completed. It is merely an opportunity to keep the brain engaged on the work at hand and to use the time in session more efficiently. 


Fee structure:

     These are general fees, please click here for more information.

  • Initial Intake $160
  • 50 minute sessions (follow ups) $125
  • Family & Couples $160

Treatment styles and modalities:

At a glance, I am what is referred to as an "eclectic", meaning I blend several styles and techniques in an attempt to use all means for achieving our goals. Please refer to the philosophy section for more detail.

Treatment is typically aligned with one of the following modalities or arrangements listed below. Each has certain attributes that make it the choice vehicle for change in different situations. Click below, or the above tabs, for more detailed information about each.

Working with minors:

   Working with teens presents some unique opportunities and challenges.  I tend to work best with teenagers when direct parental involvement is secondary. This may sound strange, so let me explain.  The relationship is one of the most important factors in any therapeutic alliance, and perhaps the most important with teenagers. For growth or change to occur, it must be an active decision to participate by the teen and cannot be compelled or coerced. Granted, most teens who enter my office don't want to be here. It is through the growth of an authentic and non-judgmental relationship with an adult that they are able to begin to respect and accept influence. They must feel that I am not an agent of the parents or system if I am to gain such influence. Age, comfornt,  and maturity level are, of course, taken into consideration.


I certainly accept influence and information from all concerned parental parties and do request parents' involvement frequently when working with interpersonal dynamics, conflict, and behavioral planning. It is also not unusual to provide parenting sessions for difficult issues both with and without the teenager present.  Be aware that privacy guidelines are in place for minors similar to that of adults. Trust is a must for change.





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